Dota 2 MDL Disneyland Paris Odds & Picks

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  Team Secret

  Team Secret heads into the fourth DPC Major of the year as the favorites even after a disappointing finish at DreamLeague Season 11. Photo by @betwaydota2


  MDL Disneyland Paris starts May 4th

  Is Team Secret ready to bounce back after DreamLeague?

  We’ve selected the best value picks to reach the finals

  MDL Disneyland Paris is set to take place from May 4th to 12th at the Disney Event Arena in Paris. Featuring the best of the best in the world of Dota2, the tournament boasts a $1,000,000 prize pool and the bragging rights for taking home one of the five DPC Majors for the 2018-19 season.

  The last Major saw ViCi Gaming emerge victorious following wins over Team Secret, PSG,LGD, Fnatic, and Virtus.Pro. It was a very impressive showing by the Chinese squad to say the least, but it was not enough to give them the top spot in the odds table this time around. That spot belongs once again to Team Secret even after a fourth place finish at DreamLeague Season 11.

  *Odds taken 04/10/19

  Though they are considered to be by many the best team in the world, Team Secret stumbled to a fourth place finish at the last Major, a result that they hadn’t had seen yet this season. They managed to finish second and first respectively in the first two Majors of the 2018-19 DPC, so the expectations were high for them in Stockholm. They were sent to the lower bracket early on and eventually bowed out to rival Virtus.Pro with a 2-1 game count.?

  Team Secret swept the MDL Disneyland Paris EU qualifier without even dropping one game.

  After their lowest Major placing of the year, Team Secret seemed to bounce back pretty well sweeping the MDL Disneyland Paris EU qualifier without even dropping one game. If they’re able to brush off DreamLeague Season 11 and carry the momentum from the qualifier all the way through the real event, they should at least make it to the finals of a Major once again.

  Coming in second in the odds table for MDL Disneyland Paris is the CIS powerhouse, Virtus.Pro. So far in the 2018-19 season, VP have managed to make it to the finals of every Major, placing first, second, and second again, giving them the sole lead in DPC points.

  Though many put Team Secret over Virtus.Pro in terms of being the world’s best team, their results have been better and they have actually found wins over Secret in three of their last four meetings. I foresee VP making it four of the last five if the two powerhouses meet up in Paris, which I assume they will at some point, more than likely in the finals.

  Pick: Virtus.Pro (+400)

  *Odds taken 04/10/19

  The world’s number one and two teams didn’t manage to make it to the finals of the previous Major for the first time in the 2018-19 season. The two met up in the second last round of the lower bracket instead, with Virtus.Pro eventually finding the win.

  I expect both Team Secret and VP to once again make it back to the finals in Paris, but there are a few other teams that may be able to find themselves playing for the lion’s share of the $1,000,000 prize pool come Sunday.

  There are two other teams that I think can find themselves in the finals on May 12: ViCi Gaming and Fnatic. At +800 and +1600 respectively, both teams offer pretty good odds and should be at least considered when making a bet here.

  ViCi managed to take the last Major by defeating a slew of top teams.

  ViCi managed to take the last Major by defeating a slew of top teams on their way to hoisting the trophy and catapulting themselves into third in the DPC Rankings. So they are 100% capable of making another run at MDL Disneyland Paris and proving that it was no fluke they won DreamLeague.

  Fnatic, on the other hand, is a team that has had pretty good and consistent results all year, with a third place finish at the last Major, and a fourth at ESL One Katowice. At +1600 it may just be worth throwing a little bit of coin on them to reach the finals.

  Picks: Team Secret (-110), Virtus.Pro (+150)


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